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Boz needs Cam to meet her at 350 Hamilton at noon. He looks like hell. Cam is in the middle of doing everything, and doesn't want to go.

Hayley has cut her hair, got an A on her exam and doesn't want to go back to Comet because it's not fun anymore.

Boz and Diane are getting married!

Tripp has news for Donna. Rover is walloping the competition.

Joe and Cameron are losing time with each other now that Cameron is building her world.

Donna reveals to Gordon she thinks Rover is vulnerable. People spending too little time might lose the race.

Joe doesn't want Donna's advice. Gordon thinks that's nuts.

Donna was speaking as herself, but suddenly managing partner is on the table.

Cameron's mentor comes to the Airstream. She believes ideas will get bigger as the space around you expands.

Joe and Gordon speak about Hayley. Joe calls Hayley.

Donna finishes Cam's game at the same time Alexa shares she needs to stop thinking about games.

Joe and Gordon decide to relaunch Comet.

Joe is left on his own, so he goes to see Donna.

The two first toss insults and feel dejected, but ultimately come to a place of peace.

Gordon sees Donna walk into the house and watches beautiful reflections of the women he loves as he dies.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Donna: How short are we talking?
Gordon: Well, um, it's pretty short. Shorter than Dorothy Hamill's, but not as short as Mark Hamill's. Somewhere Mid-Hamill.

Joe: It has been a pleasure to fall asleep and wake up in your work space.
Cameron: Just another minute.
Joe: I know you think you mean that.