Pondering Direction - Hanna Season 2 Episode 5
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Carmichael is warned that a whistleblower nicknamed Tacitus is trying to expose the Utrax program. His boss wants to send the trainees after Tacitus. Carmichael and Leo are sending Jules and Hanna to stop British journalist Nicola Gough from meeting with Tacitus. Clara tries to get intel from Hanna about her mission in London. Hanna retrieves her passport from its hiding place in the shower. Marissa has been sent to Camp G for interrogation. The unknown voice wants to know who helped her. Hanna and Jules go undercover as university students. Their target is Bethany, Nicola's wife. Sandy and Clara get sent to Barcelona. Jules invites Bethany out for coffee and Jules gets introduced to Nicola. Hanna runs into Mannion but she blows him off. Jules and Hanna go to a gathering at Bethany's house. Hanna and Nicola talk. Hanna eavesdrops on Nicola's phone call with Tacitus, which includes the name of the Barcelona reporter she's recruited. Hanna rifles through Nicola's office. The notes Hanna photographed point to a military lawyer, Robert Gelder, whose daughter Kit goes to school in Barcelona. One of the guards tells Marissa they'll get her out soon. Sandy targets Kat. Sandy returns the wallet she stole from Kat. Hanna and Jules have orders to intercept Nicola. Hanna tells Mannion about the two teams' missions. He has Hanna follow him to his hideout, where she meets Rachel. They explain about how The Pioneers, a splinter group of the CIA, developed Utrax. Jules is tailing Hanna. Carmichael sends Leo after Hanna. Sandy and Clara get Gelder's flight number. Jules outlines Nicola's assassination. Hanna is trapped on the subway with two Utrax killers but takes out both. Jules kills Mannion, then Nicola with Leo's help. Hanna arrives too late for both. Clara watches Gelder arrive in Barcelona.


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Hanna Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Interrogator: Does the name Tacitus mean anything to you?
Marissa: Yeah. He's my dog.

Clara: I'm happy here now.
Hanna: So am I.