Clara: We'll see each other again.
Hanna: No. You leave me now forever.

Clara: I wouldn't have gotten anything without you.
Hanna: Don't cry. I don't have any handkerchiefs.

Clara: What now?
Hanna: We wait for Marissa's call.

Marissa: You're a true fucking believer, aren't you, John.
Carmichael: So were you once.

Sandy: I'm such a dumbass.
Ray: I love the way you say that.

Hanna: Kat, I know what you're going through. They killed my father too.
Kat: You're just saying that.
Clara: She's not. I was there.

Leo: Don't tell me. You're hungover again.
Sandy: A little.

You do what we say and everything's going to be just fine, OK?

Hanna [to Raoul]

Just follow the training. It's all going to be fine.

Leo [to Clara]

Kat: I'm such a coward.
Sandy: Time to grow up, Daddy's girl.

Clara: It's not our job to question what we do. It's called service.
Hanna: Serving who?
Clara: America.
Hanna: How can you serve America, Clara? You've never even been there.3

If you see Mia, take her out.

Carmichael [to Leo]