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The victim form last week rips himself off and attempts to escape but dies in the process. Alana and Hannibal visit Will. Will breaks down and asks for their help, but the moment he is back in his cell he's cool and composed.  

Dr. Maurier visits Hannibal to end their patient therapist relationship. Citing that she does not believe she can help him, and that his recent actions put together with her past make her question her attack. Hannibal tells Maurier that he's resuming Will's therapy, and she wonders what his motives are. He tells her he asked for his help. 

Back at the FBI, Beverly talks about the insight Will gave her, and Hannibal and Jack quickly pick up on it. Jack questions her about it, and she tells him that she only went because he didn't. Delving deeper, it's clear that Jack and Beverly both think Will is innocent, and Will still wants to save lives. Jack tells Beverly their conversation never happened, and that she may continue to do whatever she feels is necessary to do her job. 

Back in the lab, Hannibal smells the body and comes across notes of a cornfield. He then goes to visit Will. Will says that he misses the structure of the violence and figuring out the pieces. When Beverly comes to visit Will about the murder, he asks her to disregard all the evidence against him. Will just asks her to start over with the evidence and come up with her own conclusions about him. When Will asks Beverly what Hannibal thinks of it, she tells him, but Will says that what Hannibal said not what he thinks 

At the farm, Hannibal takes his signature plastic suit and finds the color palette of bodies. Telling the man he loves his work. Later, the FBI is at the farm investigating the bodies. Hannibal mentions that the form of the bodies looks like an eye looking up to the heavens.  

Jack visits the therapist and says he's failed. He's failed to see Will descent into absolute darkness, and he's failed to reconcile two thinks about Will: being a friend and a killer. 

In the lab, the team wonders why the killer would change mid-brush stroke with the final victim. Unbeknownst to them, Hannibal laid the final piece - the original killer - and chopped his leg. The scene cuts to Hannibal trimming the leg of its foot and into steaks to serve. 

Maurier visits Jack to inform that she's provided all the insight she could about Hannibal, and that she is no longer emotionally prepared to help him. Jack doesn't follow her, and she follows up that she and Hannibal have both were traumatized by dangerous patients. 

Beverly and Hannibal bring the eye to Will, and Will imagines himself back in the crime scene. Will sees the man in the center, and looks up to see a head with Stag antlers. Will sees himself in the place of the killer and sees Hannibal sewing him in. In a flashback, we see Hannibal talking to the killer and sewing him in to compliment his art piece. Not only will he create art he will also become art. 

Katie from the Inspector General's office visits Will. She tells him Alana is working on his defense, that the FBI made him do it and turned him into a murder, and she says that the FBI is painting a picture of a murder, an intelligent psychopath who conspired to with neurologist to cover it all up. She mentions that if Will pleas guilty that she'll make sure he's comfortable in the institution. 

Will gets a visit from Maurier, she tells him he can survive what is happening to her. She leans forward, and tells Will she believes him.  The episode ends with Hannibal in his plastic suit coming to Maurier's home, only to see sheets on all the furniture, she's moved away. 

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Those in the world around him are a means to an end. He uses them to do what he is driven to do.


Cracks are not always weaknesses. A life lived accrues in the cracks.