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Will dreams of the Stag choking Hannibal. Jack and Hannibal have dinner together, and talk about the mind. Jack says his one fear was almost forgetting something, but now he wouldn't mind forgetting a few things now, particularly about doubt. Hannibal says that forgetting things is part of a healthy mind.  Back in therapy, Will talks with Hannibal about his time in the barn, and tells him he regrets not pulling the trigger. Margot runs into Will outside. 

Margot and Hannibal talk about his brother again. They talk about his brother, and Margot does not see him as a human. As the killings continue, Jack talks with Hannibal about what kind of person could do this. Later, Hannibal goes to visit a former patient of his, Randall, and Hannibal wonders what clings to his teeth now. Randall says ragged bits of scalp. 

Margot meets with Will again at his home. She asks him what she thinks of Hannibal's treatment. In the conversation, Margot mentions that she tried to kill her brother. 

Later, Hannibal talks with Randall again in front of Will's house, and sends him in to kill Will. Will's dog, Buster, alerts him to the problem and Will prepares for the worst. Later, Will delivers Randall's body to Hannibal and calls it Even Stevens.

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