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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 11, Jack, Will and Alana discuss the killer that they're trying to find, and realize that Hannibal knows who he is.

Meanwhile, Francis Dolarhyde has another conversation with Hannibal, admitting that he doesn't want to kill Reba as the Dragon wants him to.  Hannibal suggests that he pass the Dragon off to Will Graham and kill his family.  Will later talks to Hannibal, who admits to knowing who the family is about to be killed, but refuses to tell Will.

Dolarhyde then marks Will's family, recording them and poisoning their dogs. He later goes to kill the Molly and Walter. However, Molly's quick thinking allows them to escape, though she gets shot in the process.

Will goes to the hospital, where he learns that Walter has found out about his violent history, and Molly remains unconscious after surgery.

Alana and Jack pay a visit to Hannibal, having figured out that he's been talking on the phone to the Tooth Fairy. Hannibal reveals that Dolarhyde would rather be called The Great Red Dragon, and agrees to let the FBI trace his next phone call with him.

Dolarhyde and "The Dragon" have a confrontation after his failure. Francis goes to see Reba, torn between being with her and being The Dragon. They break up, Francis being afraid that he'll hurt her, and Reba not wanting to be pitied.

He calls Hannibal, distraught over his choice between Reba and The Dragon. Hannibal informs him that the FBI is listening, and earns Alana's ire. She strips Hannibal's room of all its privileges, taking his books and his toilet.

Molly awakes, angry about Hannibal and recognizing that Will is different, though still hopeful for their future. An angry Will visits Hannibal, who admits to sending The Dragon after his family.

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Dolarhyde: The Dragon had never spoken to me before. It was frightening.
Hannibal: What did it say?
Dolarhyde: It wants her.

Jack Crawford, fisher of men. Watching my cork move against the current. You got me, again.