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On Hannibal Season 3 Episode 10, Francis Dolarhyde finds a way to contact Hannibal Lecter. He calls Hannibal, who speaks with him at length, counselling him and seeing him for who he really is.

Meanwhile, Will Graham meets with Bedelia Du Maurier, who is doing the lecture circuit with her experience as an insider and survivor of life with Hannibal Lecter.  Will confronts her about being Hannibal's accomplice rather than his victim.

Francis, in a lovely gesture towards Reba McClane, takes her to a zoo to meet a sleeping tiger. Reba is incredibly moved by this.

At his place, Reba tells Francis that people at work wonder about him, thinking that he's mysterious. However, she shows him that she thinks differently of him by kissing him. He takes her to his bedroom where they make love, and he sees her as the woman clothed in sun. When he wakes the next day, he is able to suppress the dragon's urges while Reba is in the house, and takes her home.

Back at the hospital, Hannibal receives a phone call, but manages to turn it into an outgoing call. He calls Frederick Chilton's office and charms the secretary into giving him Will Graham's home address.

Bedelia reveals to Will what happened with her mutual patient with Hannibal. Their patient, Neal Frank, believed that something was wrong with Hannibal and he was trying to hurt him. However, Bedelia did not believe him, and Neal choked on his own tongue.

Hannibal gives Will insight into William Blake's The Great Red Dragon, and Will goes to the museum to see it. However, before he gets there, Dolarhyde has seen it first and has consumed it.  Will sees him and tries to confront him, but Dolarhyde overpowers him and escapes.

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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You hitched your star to a man commonly known as a monster. You're the Bride of Frankenstein.


Poor Dr du Maurier. Swallowed whole, suffering inside Hannibal Lecter's bowels for what must have felt like an eternity. You didn't lose yourself, Bedelia, you just crawled so far up his ass you couldn't be bothered.