Harry in Court
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The episode opened with Harry walking into her office/shoe store and taking the elevator up to the second floor where a full office of people now were working including Tommy Jefferson. 

Harry’s old friend Oliver Richard walked in to recruit her to help him on a high profile murder case. Ollie and Harry head off to visit Eric Sanders in jail. After meeting Eric Harry agreed to help Ollie on the case. 

Meanwhile, new lawyer Cassie was working for an artist, Bennett Fenwick, to try and get his painting “The Girl in the Red Coat” back because the person who bought it painted the coat blue. During the meeting with Jeremy Preston (who bought the painting) Bennett got so upset when he saw the painting he left.

Harry and Ollie met the DA, Roseanna Remmick in court for two motions, one to suppress some information. That motion was denied, but the motion to grant Eric bail was accepted. Roseanna decided that Harry was a threat and came up with a plan to get her out of the way.

Cassie learned from Bennett that the painting was of his daughter who died 4 months after he sold it and he has not painted since. Cassie relayed this to Jeremy who agreed to give Bennett the painting with the condition he got back into painting and then they could talk about restoration for the cost. 

Roseanna had one of her office staff file charges against Harry for witness tampering to try and discredit her. Harry learned of this as officers came to her office to arrest her and took her out in handcuffs.

Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I recruited Harry, so I can package my unlikable client with an old lady who could sell ice to Eskimos


What did we say about wet dreams in the common areas? Beat it! [sigh] Probably not the best choice of words.