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Zoe befriends AnnaBeth this week and is really excited about it, until it becomes clear that AnnaBeth won't take their relationship public because no one likes Zoe. Especially Lemon.

But Zoe sticks with her and even helps AB take a position - Memory Matron - from Lemon, which actually gives AB even more of a reason not to be a real friend to Zoe; she now thinks she has this important job in town and can't risk the fallout.

Despite this hurt, Zoe covers for AnnaBeth when the key she gave to her is discovered by Lemon. In public, Zoe says it's her key and she had it made for her secret boyfriend... Judson! She proceeds to kiss him just to make the story legit, but clearly enjoys it and then does it again for real. Wade sees this and is jealous.

Elsewhere, George begins to wonder if he and Lemon are in trouble.

Hart of Dixie
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