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Joel encourages Zoe to meet her Wilkes family and so they arrive at a birthday party for one of her cousin's sons. When Zoe gets nervous, she makes up the story that Joel is a magician and is the party entertainment. She discovers that the Wilkes family are a wonderful bunch of people, Zoe finally works up some courage to confess who she really is, her cousin shoots her down and tells her that she is nothing to them.

Lemon is offered to buy Fancy's resturaunt but will have to leave the Rammer Jammer to do so. When she makes the decision to leave, her offer is rejected but Wade won't let her back into the Rammer Jammer because he knows it isn't what she truly wants.

George tries to avoid Linley but is sucked into her games and they get together.

Annabeth's parents come to visit her and she finally reveals to them that she is dating Lavon. When Lavon cooks them dinner, her parents make not so subtle hints that he should propose to AB. When they clear the air, it is revealed that AB wants Lavon to propose but he doesn't know what he wants.


Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

[To Wade] Enough with the GoGo Dancers!


Not much rhymes with Rammer… Hammer, Slammer, Stammer…


Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Kylie rae harris waited Waited Kylie Rae Harris iTunes
Ash bowers green light Green Light Ash Bowers iTunes
Westlife safe Safe westlife iTunes