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When Joel discovers he has writers block, Zoe and Wade try to help him write by different suggestions. When none of them work, Zoe begins to blame his friendships with Wade. Then Joel is kidnapped by the Truitt brothers and it is discovered that Joel needed an adventure after he begins writing.

After some investigation, Lemon discovers that Shelby is back in town and she bought out Fancy's. When Lemon takes Brick to see Shelby they discover that she is pregnant.

Annabeth and Lavon try to work out their problems after Annabeth makes a bunch of jams for the Bluebell to enjoy. Lavon and Annabeth decide to take it slow.

Linley and George start a relationship but when Lavon finds out he is angry with George for not telling him in the first place. George and Linley decide to stay together regardless of what Lavon thinks.

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Joel: How'd you know there'd always be a goth waitress?
Zoe: There's always a goth waitress.

All anyone remembers is that Yoko killed the Beatles!