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The Skinwalker reveals itself to Audrey

Nathan finds Audrey and wonders why the Skinwalker didn’t take her skin.

The Skinwalker says The Colorado Kid knows everything.

The bolt gun killer’s pieces are being used to create Arla Cogan.

Haven’s high school reunion attendees are being killed and turned into their teen selves.

Dwight talks to Audrey about the Guard and losing his daughter.

Dave knocks out Vince to discovers the Skinwalker’s secret.

Duke and Nathan vow to find the barn before it finds Audrey.

The Skinwalker is Arla Cogan, who wants to be with James again after 27 years apart.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Duke's a jerk and I have no intention of further supporting his crummy establishment.


Well, this will be a mighty cold case by then, so we better wrap it up.