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Audrey continues to investigate the Bolt Gun Killer.

Everybody in Haven is asleep.

Audrey finds one man awake in Haven, who happens to have amnesia.

Amnesia Man is Will Brady, who was in a coma.

Audrey realizes Will should keep fighting to live, just as she should.

Learning from Will, Audrey prepares to tell Nathan how she feels.

Claire is the skin walker.

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Haven Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Amnesia Man: Gear down there Champ, I'm the one without a gun.
Audrey: That doesn't mean you're still not dangerous.
Amnesia Man: Right, because only the most hard-core criminals roll with only one shoe.

Audrey: Nathan, if it turns out that I go away, there's some things that I want you to know.
Nathan: That sounds important.
Audrey: Important. And, overdue.