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Residents of Haven appear to be immolated in broad daylight.

William is determined to help Lexie discover her true identity.

Wade has been commuting back and forth between his home and Haven to keep The Grey Gull open.

Vince tells Duke he better get Wade out of town if he wants to get the target off of his back.

Jordan tries to talk Dwight out of using Nathan on the front lines.

Wade decides to stay in Haven after he discovers his wife is cheating on him.

Jennifer has a near miss with the incinerations occurring in town.

Duke is protective of Jennifer.

Jordan wants Vince to leave The Guard.

Nathan saves the day.

Lexie realizes she has skills she doesn't remember learning.

Jennifer decides to embrace her trouble. 

William tells Lexie once he tells her who she is, there's no going back.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

So Haven is too dangerous for your brother, but you want me to stay?


If I were my brother Wade, I would have planned my unexpected death.