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Dwight tells Vince and Dave to go to New Hampshire to identify a body that could be Audrey's.

Lexie gets angry that William is speaking with her in riddles and he walks out of the bar, but doesn't walk back in. Yet he's still at the end of the bar.

Dwight and Nathan investigate a Trouble that leads to bodies drained of all of their blood.

Wade has turned The Grey Gull into an "after hours party shack" keeping Jennifer awake at night.

As soon as Lexie starts to buy into William's thesis, the voices in Jennifer's head reappear.

Jennifer thinks she's just crazy and not connected to Audrey at all. 

After a puddle of blood kills a cop, Jennifer discovers Duke has a Trouble of his own.

The man whose blood is wreaking havoc on Haven doesn't know how to stop it, even though it came out of him.

Jordan's Trouble temporarily stops the blood, as well.

Lexie asks William if she is dead.

William assures her she is not, just after Vince and Dave confirm the body that was found was not hers.

Duke absorbs all of the mans blood and then picks Dwight up by the neck.

Duke wants to get get Wade out of Haven before he gets the family Trouble.

William tells Lexie everyone around her isn't real, and they slowly disappear.

Jennifer hears the discussion between William and Lexie and knows realizes she's not crazy.

William tells Lexie they need to run out of the Bar (or Barn) quickly, because it is dying and if they don't, they'll die with it.




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Haven Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Lexie: Tell me, if I'm not a bartender, then what am I? Am I some kind of secret agent? Is that my job in Haven? Huh? Is that what I'm supposed to remember?
William: It's not just remember who you were, you've got to remember where you are.
Lexie: Why don't you just tell me.
William: You're not ready.

Dave: We came as fast as we could.
Vince: He an a traffic light to get us here!
Dave: Slowing down on a yellow is just a matter a matter of taste.
Vince: Not in my Montclair it isn't.