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Duke let loose a bunch of Troubles thanks to Mara and they infected everyone. Meanwhile, an intense fog enveloped the town and nobody can get in or out. 

Dave finally spills the beans about Croatoan and how he and Vince think something came through one of the thinnies to do...something...to make his visions come true.

Duke wanted to go into a thinnie and take the Troubles with him. He's visibly he didn't get his chance. He's going to look into the family book for help.

Nathan and Dwight discover the fog does a lot more than keep people in.

For the first time, Nathan and Dwight tell their officers about the Troubles. They reveal they are Troubled. They explain why the Troubles are so bad, because people are scared out of their minds. They ask for kindness and help.

Duke comes back. Nathan treats him to a giant bear hug.

Charlotte, too, is scared. Mara designed the release of the Troubles so that nobody is immune, even her and Audrey.

Nathan realizes an officer named Alex is Troubled, and all of his friends immediately start pointing fingers. So much for kindness. Alex freezes everyone. Except Duke. Alex starts talking to Duke. His father created the barrier. They both got new Troubles today. 

Gloria and Vince get Dave drunk to get a vision out of him. It works, but he's too drunk to get it.

Duke tells Alex what he did and Alex undoes frozen ones. Alex is a little upset. 

Charlotte wants her and Audrey to go home. Through a thinnie, through the void. She can even take Nathan. But Haven is her real home. She won't abandon it. Charlotte doesn't know how to remove a trouble from a person without killing them. She reveals that if Audrey had killed Nathan, the cures wouldn't have been cured, but they would have ended. A pulse would have been released, killing them all.

Charlotte delivers her research to Dwight. She's leaving.

In Dave's vision, someone was chasing the fellow who created the barrier around Haven. Now he's dead. Did they force him to create it and kill him so nobody could escape? Looks that way.

Idiot cops bring the Troubled into the station for resisting arrest. Things go from bad to worse. Duh.

Dwight disassembles the HPD and goes all Guard. 

Nathan and Audrey ask for Duke's help, but instead of helping, he says goodbye, walking through the fog, supposedly never to return.

Gloria discovers there is no cause of death for Joe Senna, the fog man. The only other death like that? The Colorado Kid. Dave remembers feeling the same way when he awoke on the beach next to The Colorado Kid in 1983.

Nathan has picked up the badge. Is he chief again? Charlotte can't leave. Since she can't Nathan gives her a challenge. Give a cure a go.

Nathan is ambling along the road. A trucker picks him up. He'll go anywhere. The trucker has never heard of Haven, despite just having come from that direction. 

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Haven Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Haven isn't like other places. In this town, there are people who have supernatural abilities. If you've been out on the streets today, you've seen them.


Dwight: People doing things you can't explain, things that seem impossible. Some call these people cursed. We call ourselves Troubled.
Nathan: He's not alone. I'm Troubled, too.