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Somebody's power is causing power outages and they're rounding people up so they can stay safely together.

For some reason, people die if they go into the dark. 

Duke runs into a new kind of trouble outside of Haven because he's virtually unknown. There are no records on him at all since Haven doesn't appear to exist. He's not even an ex-con trying to stay low. So what is he? Even the local garage owner is wary.

It's been two weeks. Charlotte has made no progress. Audrey is annoyed that she's stalling, and certain it means she thinks she can come up with a cure.

When it becomes difficult to keep the peace, Dwight decides to go a little crazy. He banishes a guy for stealing batteries.

Duke continues to battle with the world over the lack of Haven.

Charlotte can probably fix the Troubles with a lot more aether. But where is it?

Using a personal lightning bolt name Kira to kickstart the generator, they heroes unintentionally overload the grid, thrusting Haven into a brownout. Whoopsies.

While Duke was trying to help a young girl, she does recall her mom having "special abilities" that allowed her to easily rob people. She wants to know how to use them. Duke tells her to get out.

Someone is murdered at the school. Audrey thinks it could be Dwight. After all, in this Haven, banishment means death. Vince shows her a room. A Troubled man is keeping the banished in a slumber, like Snow White.

Dave learns he's a halfling. Charlotte says much isn't known about his kind. 

Nathan returns without Kira. He's in trouble.

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