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Oh God. Duke is walking around blathering with his horrid monotone voice. It's utterly terrible. Horrible. Awful. Teeth grittingly, mind bendingly, turn the telly off, dicktastic.

Duke wonders what Lizzie is, but he knows it's not his daughter. Vince thinks it's probably an aether creature. 

Whatever, the plan Croatoan had to make everyone happy doesn't appear to be an all out win.

They're all talking too slow. Only Shatner is speaking at an appropriate speed. Why is that?

OK. Dwight is talking at normal speed, too. He's acting normal. He can stay. When he's talking to Duke, all I want it for him to reach out and punch Duke in the face. Duke, however, wants the controller. Very slowly, apparently. God, he's embarrassing. 

Dwight tests Lizzie. She passes the cookie test, bringing out her favorite and least favorite on a plate arranged like a cookie.

Duke comes back when Audrey talks slowly to him. He just wants to be a pirate again. 

Dwight can't really let his lookalike daughter go because she's essentially his daughter.

Duke wants to be killed so Croatoan can't get the Troubles he has inside him. They start escaping from his eyeballs. Nathan kills him while he looks on with wild eyes into Audrey's face, not struggling, but not really happy to be dying, either. 

Everyone looks on and cries. I called it that he would die a hero. The last thing he sees is the tattoo on Nathan's arm. The prophecy came true.

The aether core is destroyed and there is no way to build a new Barn or end the Troubles.

Gloria wants to give Duke a proper burial at sea with Jennifer. 

Croatoan gives Dwight an ultimatum. The crystal or Lizzie.

Nathan is meeting with Croatoan. We have no idea what was said, but Croatoan tells Audrey Nathan chose faux-Audrey. Don't think so. Now Daddy Dearest wants to start their work with an aether cloud. WTF is it?

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Haven Season 5 Episode 25 Quotes

Nathan: You want to give me a copy of Audrey.
Croatoan: One who loves you with all her heart.

Nathan: If she's so perfect, why don't you just keep her for yourself?
Croatoan: I said you would never know the difference. I'm her father, I would know.