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Dave is having more nightmares, errr...visions. This time he thinks the woman he sees killed might still be alive.

Charlotte and Dwight are having sexy time! They both have to part in order to save the world. Still, they're talking about being together forever. He'll age and she won't. That's OK. She has a thing for older men.

A man is creating a ruckus in town square. He hears the horsemen of the apocalypse, but nobody else does. Nathan thinks he's nuts, until the guy is tossed to the ground and trampled to the ground by invisible horses. Oops.

Charlotte wants to create a new barn, that will be a cure, one in which you don't have to leave Haven.

It seems like the Trouble is marking its victims with a wrist tattoo and killing them in different ways.

Duke is out with Seth looking for a healing wizard.

Nathan and Dwight have a chat about dating women from other worlds, then notice their wrists have been marked. 

Charlotte and Audrey have to collect the aether one drop at a time. They're both marked with a tattoo. Audrey is going blind and Charlotte feels drained. Dwight is being pummeled. 

Duke goes to one of the guys from Helix to have him draw out all of the Troubles. Apparently it works.

Audrey can barely see to control the aether. Audrey's father was doing research obsessively and experimenting with forces beyond his control. He was banished to the void forever and died there.

Someone's Tarot readings are coming true. Two customers died already. There are four cards on the table and they represent what's happening to the four. Blindness, weakness, bad luck and torture. She has no memory of pulling the cards. The no-marks killer did it. 

When Dwight mentioned Roanoake and Croatoan, Charlotte recognizes it. She thinks Croatoan is the no-marks killer because it's a monster to the void like satan is to our hell.

Charlotte knows that the new barn will send the Troubles and everything that has come through the void back into it. But he knows. That's why they're being targeted.

Audrey and Charlotte successfully control the aether and it fuses into a ball. The aether core. The first piece in the new barn. There are tarot cards, the lovers coming back together is what Audrey drew, and Charlotte knows it. 

Charlotte leaves Dwight all tied up. 

Audrey starts to turn invisible because of her new card.

Nathan decides to ask a new question and start a new reading. With everything we have done over the years, what fate have we earned? It's the right question. They can overcome any obstacle.

Charlotte is talking to a man through the shadows. Her husband. She thought he was dead. She wants him to come out of the dark. 

Someone sits down in the circle with Duke. 

Charlotte is beaten and left for dead. She just has time to tell Audrey that her husband became the monster and has plans for Audrey.


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Haven Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

You know, these women from other worlds, they're not like other girls.


We did it. The aether core. The first piece in the new barn.