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The Five-O investigated the death of a world famous photographer, Renny Sinclair, who was murdered in a fire durring a photo shoot. The investigation led them to Derek Marcum, a bookie, who had a contract for all of the money being made on a book Sinclair was putting out. An object from one of the photos in the book was used to start the fire. Ultimately, the killer turned out to be the photographer's production assistant, who was his estranged daughter.

I.A. questioned Chin regarding the missing money, and he confessed to stealing it to protect his uncle. I.A. accepted his story as long as he could produce the money. To do so he borrowed money from Derek Marcum using his house as collateral.

Kono reconnected with an old friend from her past.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

McGarrett:This is going to clear your name.
Chin: Yeah, but at what cost?

Derek Marcum:I take it you are part of Honolulu's law enforcement community.
Danno: What gave us away?
Derek Marcum: You're wearing a tie in Hawaii.