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This week’s episode opened Kono surfing with long time friend and mentor Ian Adams. As Ian went into his surf run he came off the board and when he was pulled from he was dead from a gunshot.  Kono was understandably upset but wanted on the case.

Chin Ho and Steve figured out that the bullet had been fired from the hills above the beach. The hills were the hunting ground of the Kupo, defenders of the island. Steve and Danny went to see the leader of the Kupo after they found two of the members were found to have a beef with Ian. The leader promised Steve he would bring him the two guys, which he did.

After a short conversation with the two guys, Danny confirmed with their parole officer that they had been with him during the shooting so they let them go. Kono went to see an old friend name Ben who used to surf with her for Ian. Ben explained that he was living on a piece of public beach and that recently violence had been happening trying to drive them off.

Chin Ho confirmed that the motorcycle used in the raid against the area Ben lives in where rented from the shop where the two guys Steven and Danny spoke too work. When they confronted the two guys they confirmed that Ben’s father Carlton Bass and his driver had hired them to run the people off. When Five-O found and captured Carlton’s driver he had the rifle in is his truck that was used to kill Ian. It seemed that Ben was not really Carlton’s son but actually Ian’s and Ian was leaving him everything in his will and Carlton had him killed for it.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carlton Bass: He marketed the Northshore surf lifestyle and made a lot of money. A lot of people resented that.
Kono: Only one pulled the trigger.

Danny: I hate it when rich people get killed.
Steve: Why?
Danny: They have something everybody wants.
Chin Ho: Which means plenty of suspects.