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This week’s episode opened with a tour sub finding the body of a young girl floating in the reef. The girl was the daughter of a U.S. Ambassador and a personal friend of the Governor. Steve and Danny are called in to find the Ambassador’s other daughter who is still missing.

Using the security camera footage from the night club, the girls went to the night before they found a guy who had left with the girls. The guy had drugged the girls and delivered them in a van as directed by the man that was paying him to get girls.

Using Kono as the girl, they made the drop and followed the van back to the warehouse. They raided the place and found that the other daughter had never been there. Kono managed to convince the woman who ran the place to give her the phone number of the person who paid her for to kidnap the girls.

Using the cell phone number, Chin Ho was able to track down the call log and found that the kidnappers had been speaking to the Ambassador directly. When Steve and Danny went to the Ambassador’s house, the wife reluctantly confessed that they had lied to them and that her husband had brought in a specialist in kidnapping recoveries to broker the deal and he had just left with the specialist to make the exchange.

Using the GPS on the Ambassador’s car, Steve and Danny went to the exchange site. Kono and Chin Ho found that the person who had done the kidnapping was not doing it for the money but was an enemy of the US in the country the Ambassador works in. As the kidnappers arrived they did not have the girl and confronted the Ambassador saying they were here for him.

The kidnapper said that the Ambassador had to give him the location of a shipment of weapons or he would kill his other daughter.  Steve and Danny take over for the security firm, Steve had the Ambassador demand to see his daughter. The kidnapper agreed and Kono and Chin Ho arrived just as the daughter arrived. With Steve using the surveillance camera to watch their back the team was able to thwart the kidnappers from getting the gun shipment and saved the Ambassador and his daughter.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Danny: She catches bad guys for you. She sleeps with you. Does she cook too?
Steve: She is a great cook.

Danny: I don't know I was still playing Ms. Pac-man
Steve: Ever made it to double pretzel?
Danny: Triple Banana bitch.
Steve: You're lying.