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McGarrett and Danno discovered a dead body while hiking. While checking on the body McGarrett was injured when a rock fell on him and broke his arm. The murdered man was a fisherman. Evidence led the Five-O to various suspects, but ultimately they discovered that the man was killed because he witnessed a fugitive fleeing the island.

Chin revealed that he took the blame for the stolen money that ended his career with the H.P.D.  in order to cover for his uncle. His uncle had stolen the money in order to get his wife a kidney off of the black market. Kono tried to convince Chin that he had to tell the truth about what had happened once their aunt passed away, but Chin refused.

McGarrett received more evidence that had been stolen from his father's toolbox.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Kono: You're a cop! You're supposed to tell the truth!
Chin: Sometimes things aren't so simple, Kono!

Shaved Ice, do me a favor, no one wants to articulate with you.