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A bomb was placed in a toolbox in McGarrett's garage. Eddie barks to warn McGarrett about danger in the garage. An overpass caves in on a highway. The bomb squad disables McGarrett's bomb. Tani calls McGarrett about the collapse. She and Junior start clearing out people. They discover a prisoner escape with two dead guards. Bombs caused the cave-in to cover the escape. Tani and Junior get caught in the second blast. Junior and Tani rescue Luana ,who had been trapped in her car. The van carrying the prisoner was from the Department of Defense. McGarrettt calls Quinn to find out who was in the van but all she could access is where the van originated. Danny and Adam find dead feds all over that address and Quinn appears as well. Druglord Jackson Wilcox was being held there, but he's supposedly dead. Excavation is being done by shovel so as not to worsen the collapse. One man tries to use a jackhammer to get out but hits a power line, electrocuting himself. McGarrett sends Eddie with a walkie-talkie into the tunnel to establish communications. Wilcox locates his wife Shayla, who is in protective custody. One of Wilcox's thugs is shot but alive. McGarrett proposes bringing out people through the ventilation system. Wilcox's brother Mike and Shayla are having an affair and Wilcox is about to be handed over to Moreno, who Wilcox had betrayed. His thug tells Danny where Wilcox was heading. The last one out is Junior and the rope snaps and he falls back down. Five-0 stops Moreno and Wilcox flees into the jungle. Tani goes back down to tie the rope around Junior. Wilcox kills Mike and Shayla during his escape. McGarrett got a steak for Eddie as a reward. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

McBride: Who'd you piss off now?
McGarrett: It's a long list.

I didn't know you were that good at surfing.

Junior [to Tani]