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The episode opened with a couple exploring sacred burial grounds on Halloween, while filming something happens and one begins screaming while the other is thrashing on the ground.

Five-O was called in shortly thereafter when the room-mate to the couple identified the hand sticking out of the ground as Christian O’Connor. He and his girlfriend Kat Forrester were the two people murdered and buried in a shallow grave on sacred ground.

After Max figured out that Kat had a fingerprint on her glasses from a guy who’s been dead for over a week, the trail led to a mortuary funeral director and nurse who were providing bodies for harvesting tissue to sell on the black market.

The mortuary funeral director was found dead and when Five-O confronted the nurse he blew himself up igniting Formaldehyde, leaving the killer of the couple in question, but unsolvable.


Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Lori: Why are you staring at me?
Danny: I'm imagining who Lori Weston's alter-ego might be.... Wonder Woman!
Lori: No!

Max: I came directly to work after a Halloween party.
Danny: Come on, you don't secretly have this thing where you live dressing up like you're in the Matrix.
Max: The two concepts are not mutually exclusives.