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The episode opened with Steve going into a MMA cage fight. As the fight started, we cut back to three days before and a murder happening during a home invasion robbery. The victim was Jake Griffin

Five-O is on the case quickly and found the home invasion robbers were all employees of the valet service of the restaurants that the victims had visited recently. Five-O managed to stop the crew in the middle of another robbery, but found they had not killed the man or robbed his house. 

The trail led to Jake’s sister, Samantha who worked for her brother but was recently released. This led them to an MMA fighter named Vitor Boriero. It turned out that Boriero was approached by Jake’s brother-in-law, Marshall about going pro and when Five-O looked into Marshall they found he had bought supplies 5 blocks from Jake’s house the morning of the murder. 

McGarrett feeling back for wounding Boriero took his place in a charity MMA fighting match against world famous fighter Chuck Liddell

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Max: How is your sense of smell Agent Weston?
Lori: excuse me?

Steve: Mouth guard.
Danny: You need a helmet not a mouth guard.