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The episode opened with the local college volleyball team winning the game and the team celebrating by dunking the couch with the water cooler. The coach went to take a shower and was murdered right after.

Five-O was called in, Steve and Danny went and checked out where he was staying and found pictures of one of the players that were a bit risqué. When interviewed the player said that a corporate sponsor had taken the pictures and the coach had benched her. 

What first looked like a love triangle gone wrong turned out to be a money laundering ring. The ring led back to Frank Delano who Kono had been working to get into his crew.  Kono ended up in the middle of the mess when Delano had her drive a guy, Dwight to a motel where Lori and Chin Ho were waiting and he got shot by Lori.

Dwight died in the car and Frank told Kono to dump the body and get back. Steve and the Five-O team intercepted Kono and arrested her. Fryer showed up and explained she was undercover and struck a bargain with Steve to keep her under with Five-O as back up.

Kono went back and helped catch Delano red handed with the cash that was being laundered. With Delano captured, Steve had words with Fryer about messing with his team. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Chin Ho: Sounds like she's leaving her husband
Danny: That's gotta hurt, open your guest house to a guy who eats your food, drinks your beer, and helps himself to your wife.

Amelia: Chin and me; we have something special.
Kono: Yeah, where was that something special when he lost his badge.