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Steve, Danny, Grover and Chin are back and they're tracking down killers.  That's nothing new as Hawaii Five-O kicks off it's sixth season.  This time there be pirates!  Oh and Jerry, too.  

Long ago, pirates raided the island and stories were told they buried the treasure somewhere on the island.  A writer is dead because he bought a box full of VHS tapes and on one tape a man was interviewed in 1975 stating he was the pirate that stole the treasure.  That man's great-granddaughter wants the treasure, too.  So she and her accomplice kill the guy and steal the tape.  

Jerry informs everyone that it is not a VHS tape, but a Betamax.  VHS was 8% larger and far superior to Beta.  This is an age-old argument for tech geeks.  The man on the tape is long gone, and the author who interviewed him went missing shortly after taking the interview.  

The killers steal a painting, which had been stolen by the pirates and recovered 40 years earlier.  Jerry points out that the painting is a map and the team heads into the forest to check it out.

Chin finds a cave there and inside is the dead author.  His journal notes that the pirate told him how he buried treasure on the island because he feared a mutiny.  But Grover informs the team there is no treasure or even indications of anything having been buried anywhere in the vicinity.  

Jerry figures out the frame actually is the key to the treasure and the team finds the killers inside a home, digging a hole in the floor.  There is the treasure chest -- was it worth killing over?

Kono and Adam's wedding is over and they are ready for their honeymoon.  The doorbell rings.  They don't make the honeymoon.




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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

That is a box for a Betmax tape not VHS. VHS was actually 8% larger than Betas. Incidentally, they were inferior in every way.


Jerry: Beta had better picture, better sound. But, for some reason the format never caught on with the general public.
Danny: Is that a conspiracy, too?
Jerry: No. Just a basic format war. Not everything's a conspiracy.
Danny: I like you. Why is he here?