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A young girl, Moani, is treated at an emergency room. The nurse calls for Family Services, but the man with Moanil spirits her away. Kamekona and an Aloha Scout stop by McGarrett's house selling cookies. Neolani calls Kono because she knows the nurse who examined the girl. Jerry analyzes the hospital closed-circuit footage. It turns out the girl is a runaway. Chin and Grover investigate three murders at a sober-living facility. They determine the house is a stash house. Kono takes the girl's laptop to Eric for decryption. Chin and Grover confront Makoa, the dealer who was paying for utilities at the stash house. Eric tracks emails on the laptop to a man named Jonah, and gave McGarrett and Kono an address. They find a lot of mattresses and one tied-up girl. Nurse Anna said the girl, Kelsey, has been sex-trafficked. Kelsey tells Kono about how Emilio sucked her in. Kono zones at a light, then breaks a window of the car of the obnoxious male driver behind her. Makoa was given a cell phone and was told to wake for a call to ransom his drugs. ​Jerry traces the phone back to Stacy, one of the addicts' girlfriend. Kono confronts one of Kelsey's johns. They make him call Jonah the pimp.  Kono and McGarrett stake out the hotel the pimp texted to the john, and rescue a girl and arrest Tori, the pimp's bottom woman. She gives up an address. Kono arrests Emilio after beating him up. Kono checks on Moani. Later she takes Moani to Pearl Haven, a facility for under-age girls who have been sexually exploited. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: Anything that [Adam] did before he went to prison, all his successes, they don't count for anything once you have a record. Also, if we want to start having a family, he wants to be able to do his part.
McGarrett: I just want you both to know, if you need anything ...
Kono: I know.

Kono: You know, your friend Jack, he's a lot like you.
McGarrett: I don't know if that's a compliment.