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Agnes Miller has left a box of porcelain cats to McGarrett and Danny in her will. She left her cat Mr. Pickles to Ricky Schiff. But Ricky is living at a halfway house, so Steve and Danny have to take possession of the cat. Grover takes Adam took to breakfast to see how he's doing after his hard year. Grover and Adam get called by Noelani about a body found in a crematorium. They have only a few bones and ash to identify the victim. Ricky sets up a web page to find a new owner for Mr. Pickles. The victim, Dale Samson, was identified from his pacemaker's serial number. Samson was an unlicensed P.I. Tani invites Junior to attend a wedding with her and he agrees. Tani and Junior find Samson's place robbed, with a big-screen TV and laptop gone. They arrest Michael Manoa, who had pawned Samson's TV then discover a beaten, tied man inside Manoa's home. Manoa had hired Samson to follow his cheating wife, but Samson was stringing him along. So Manoa went to steal his TV. Manoa was with his girlfriend when Samson was killed. Samson's killer sent an email to lure Daniel Nettles to Hawaii, then picks him up. Samson was looking for Nettles' daughter, who went missing 20 years ago. McGarrett thinks Jennifer Nettles is alive and on Hawaii. One of the girls Samson investigated was Emily Henderson, formerly the kidnapped Jennifer Nettles. Her kidnapper is Wade Henderson, her supposed father. Two HPD officers arrive at Henderson's home, leading to a standoff. Emily tries to talk Henderson into surrendering, but he kills himself instead. Emily gets reunited with her real father. Mr. PIckles ends up at McGarrett's house. He's getting along fine with Eddie until he goes for Eddie's food.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

Danny: You don't know me. Shut up.
Ricky: That's exactly what a cat would say.

I just want to capture the exact moment when your dreams crumbled around you.

McGarrett [to Danny]