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Grover's brother Percy Jr. dumps ice on him while he is showering. Five-0 and Kamekona's people are playing flag football. McGarrett's team wins over Tani's squad on a disputed call. A robber is killed by having a safe fall on him. His partner drilled open the safe after the robber died. Grover and his brother Percy Jr. are squabbling. Tani discovers it was two separate thieves hitting the same house on the same night. Mother Ella suggests Percy Jr. and Lou cook Thanksgiving dinner together. The two of them make a bet over whose turkey will be better received. The robbers were after a Stan Musial baseball card, insured for more than $60,000. Adam and Jerry check out a sketchy sports-memorabilia dealer, who tries to escape, but Adam runs him down. Renee is annoyed when Grover tells her about the bet. Ella and Percy Sr. tell Will about Percy Jr. and Lou's history. The brothers get into a fight after Lou's turkey burned. Then the house catches on fire. Tani and Junior return the stolen card to John Henman, who identifies the man who stole the card as Patrick, who runs a homeless shelter. Patrick had re-invested the money he received for the card into the Thanksgiving dinner at the shelter. Patrick stole the card because Henman refused to underwrite the dinner again this year since his accountant found a better tax dodge. Tani and Junior stayed to help serve the dinner before arresting Patrick. The fire was contained to the kitchen. Percy Sr. had turned up the oven to cook the turkey faster. Lou apologizes to Percy Jr. Percy Jr. tells him he's been keeping a scrapbook of Lou's achievements. The Grovers and Five-0 get together at Kamekona's Italian Bistro for dinner. Kamekona hires Percy Jr. as his baker.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Renee: Everything's going to be fine, baby.
Grover: I know.
Renee: But I did tell you so.

Junior: Koa, was [Tani] always this competitive as a kid?
Koa: Just until she was about eight. Then I wouldn't play with her anymore.