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Five-0 investigates the death of a window washer. The dead man was James Cooper, a Florida consultant. Tani discovers there were two different killers based on the types of ammo used. Jerry uses a drone to map the crime scene. It reveals there was an eyewitness. Cooper was dying of cancer and had burned off his fingerprints. Jerry finds a garage-door clicker in Cooper's van and narrows down where it's from. Grover investigates a shirtless strangled man. Grover finds a button from an antique shirt next to the body. Pula locates the garage door on which the clicker works. Inside is a studio for a graffiti artist. Tani brings in Hirsch to figure out who would want to kill a street artist. Hirsch said the artist was the legendary Briks. Hirsch said Briks' images in Honolulu were getting defaced. Hirsch creates an imitation Briks work, to see if it gets defaced. A man brings in the missing shirt and Grover and Adam bust him, but he just stole the shirt off the dead body. He had played poker with the dead man named Earl and his winnings are missing. Tani takes down one defacer while Hirsch trips up the other. They were paid by Briks' agent to deface the murals, to drive up the price up for his other works. They discover the agent dead after torture in his rental house. Briks' accomplice Teresa was wanted for terrorism. From a video on Briks' laptop, they find out Teresa's son was killed by Nicaraguan agents and she spoke out against their leader Arturo Granera. Teresa is captured by Granera's goons and they're getting a video confession out of her. Hirsch identifies the painting in the background which helps Jerry locate where she's being held. Grover and Adam arrest the boyfriend of Earl's ex-wife for his murder. 

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 19 Quotes

Grover: This proves there was an eyewitness.
McGarrett: Unless the killers find her first.

Natano: Go. It's OK.
Junior: You sure?
Natano: I'll be OK.