On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 9, Danny goes undercover at a college as a replacement for a murdered economics professor. His nephew Eric joins him as a student.

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An economics professor at a college is found murdered so Danny goes undercover to catch his murderer. His nephew Eric joins him in the classroom as a student.

They soon discover the dead professor was not liked by his students, who had only an 8% approval rating. He was tough on them, which made him unpopular with the students and the coaching staff.

The professor knew his days were numbered at the school so got in on a foreclosed nail salon with slow business. He and his business partner, who happened to be one of his students, was going to use it as a front for their pot growing business.

The partner got greedy and wanted all the money for himself, so he killed him and threw him to the pigs, knowing they would consume the evidence. He almost got away with it, but thanks to Jerry babysitting the pigs, watching and waiting for the pig that ate the heart with the slug in it, to poop it out and get it before the pig eats it again.

Kaili's father was released from prison and came back to get custody of him. It was obvious that Kaili didn't want to go live with his father. He finally confides in Steve that when he was a small boy, he sat in a car and heard his father shoot a man and left him in the field. Steve and the team find the victims remains.

Adam was offered a plea deal of 24 months for the killing of the two Yakuza henchmen. It looks like he will take it instead of fighting for the self defense plea.

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On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 9, the team goes back to school as Danny goes undercover as a replacement for a college professor who is murdered.

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