On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 10,when the brother of a local boxer turns up murdered, the reigning becomes the prime suspect. We learn Adam's fate.

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A boxing match between a local fighter and the current reigning champion turns into a brawl after some verbal threats between Haynes the champ and his opponent's brother. When the brother is found murdered, Haynes becomes the prime suspect based on his threats.
The Five-0 team soon discover that Gabriel Waincroft is behind it and he has plans for more carnage. Steve's interrogation of one of Gabriel's associates on a jet ski, was certainly different. It did get the job done.
Then it is a race against time as the Five-0 team try to save the intended victims at the next boxing match. It is dimly lit which makes it more difficult for them to find both the snipers and the victims. After the exchange of gunfire, Abby and Chin go look for one another and are relieved to see they are safe. Nakano wins the match in his brothers memory as all this is going down around them. As one of the sniper victims is being transported to the hospital, Gabriel ambushes the ambulance and kills everyone in there.
Adam goes to court and takes the lowest offer of 18 months. He thought that would be better than going to trial and being sentenced to at least 5 years if found guilty.
Kono drops him off so he can surrender at the prison. He tells her a sweet story of his grandparents who had been married 60 years. She tearfully vows to wait for him and he gives her his wedding ring telling her the next time she puts it on his finger, all this will be behind them. Just as he is being escorted inside, the team show up to offer her their support.

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On Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 10, the team investigates when the brother of famous local boxer is murdered and the prime suspect is the reigning champion. Also Adam finds out his fate.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Danny: Boxing or MMA?
Grover: Boxing, no question

You should get your money back from that therapist.