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Our story starts aboard a Windjammer cruise ship. A young woman hides below deck as screams are heard above.

Elsewhere, Dr. Julia Walker arrives on an island. She speaks into a small audio recorder... "Arrived at St. Germaine island from the South East... All signs point to the pandemic originating on this island. There are no other options, I must find a cure."

Aboard the cruise ship, Dr. Kyle Sommer reports to the Coast Guard that this terrible new virus is not Narvik.

The sole survivor, Layla, attacks Dr. Sarah Jordan but Kyle sedates her. We soon learn Layla's immune to whatever infected the other passengers.

She tells Dr. Peter Farragut and his team that the infected started killing each other off violently after they visited a small island. Peter's guess is that the virus was contracted on the island via something they ate or drank.

Though the Coast Guard captain is reluctant to leave Peter and his team on the island, she finally agrees warning them another ship will not be in the area for at least 2 weeks. Peter, Kyle, Sarah and Layla will be left to their own devices on St. Germaine.

The CDC team and Layla attempt to retrace her steps on the island. It doesn't take long for the young woman to spot a face in the trees. She freaks out and takes off running. Peter, Kyle and Sarah follow her to an abandoned barn.

Meanwhile, Julia was kidnapped at the dock by a man in a strange gas mask. Jules appears to be in that same barn, however we soon learn Julia is actually 30 years in the future. What?!? Oh Helix, you never fail to surprise us.

Julia's abductor pulls out her contact lenses to reveal her immortal silver eyes. "I knew one day you'd come" he tells her.

The two begin to chat and he tells her his name is Caleb. She confesses she's dying of the disease. He doesn't understand how this is possible since she is immortal, but she confides that's exactly what she's there to find out. The TXM-7 virus originated on that island.

Thirty years in the past, the CDC team discover Layla's dead body, but there's no sign of who killed her. Kyle spots several torches approaching outside. The doctors step outside the barn and find themselves surrounded by very mysterious cloaked figures. 

The woman, Anne, offers them shelter explaining the jungle is not safe. The group arrives at two gigantic wooden gates and realize they are dealing with a cult. The leader of this cult is the charismatic Brother Michael.

The man seems genuine when denies any knowledge of the virus. However, he's a pretty shifty guy and our heroes would be smart not to trust him. Brother Michael offers them a place to stay for the night, assuring them they will talk more in the morning.

Flash forward 30 years and Julia mentions Alan Farragut to Caleb. She notices he recognizes the name and pleads to be taken to him. Caleb warns her she might not like what she finds. The two arrive at a dilapidated abbey. That's right, the very same abbey belonging to Brother Michael in the CDC team's timeline. Julia kneels in front of a tombstone with Alan Farragut's name on it.

In the past, a monk quietly enters Sarah's room and offers her some food and water. The man is none other than Alan Farragut. Alan turns and walks down the hallway. From another room a bloodcurdling scream is heard.

The "sisters" that brought the CDC team to the abbey are seen torturing (or is it infecting?) a poor young woman. The mystery begins!

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Helix Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Arrived at St. Germain island from the South East. No apparent flares or signal fires. The contact is not at the rendezvous site. All signs point to the pandemic originating on this island. There are no other options, I must find a cure.


Peter: When did the passengers start getting sick?
Layla: About 2, no 3 days ago. Right after we got back from the island.
Peter: What island?