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Day 2 begins with Alan waking up to memories of several immortal murders he's responsible for in his search for Julia.

Before killing this one victims, she hands him an Ilaria pen drive. The information on the drive is what leads Alan to St. Germaine Island.

Looking out the window, Sarah spots Alan and decides to chase after him. On the way, she bumps into an infected cult member.

During Brother Michael sermon, we learn more about the followers' way of life. "We surrendered ourselves to a simple life. And by the loss of the self, we became truly individuals" Brother Michael tell his flock.

Before completing his speech an infected little boy enters the room begging for his mother. Once he located her he proceeds to attack the poor woman. Sarah and Alan exchange an uncomfortable glance.

Reunited with her team, Sarah talks about the things she's learned. Locking the Abbey down is the best course of action. Surprisingly, Brother Michael does not put up a fight. As a matter of fact, he provides his botany lab and quarantine area.

However, the eccentric cult leader did know Brother Isaac was infected and told no one. What's he playing at?

Thirty years in the future, Julia and Caleb discover the bones in Alan's grave belonged to several people. One of three hip bones revealed carvings. Caleb later informs Jules its a map, but he can only take her so far.

Back In the present, Sarah works hard collecting samples, while Peter and Kyle search for infected Brother Isaac in the underground tunnels.

Sarah eventually shares the news that Alan is on the island with Peter. "Why would Ilaria be interested in some crackpot isolationist cult? And why would my brother be investigating them?" Peter wondered.

Though he warned Sarah to steer clear of Alan, she makes it a point to confront her ex in the orchards. He warns her to get off the island using the same two finger signal Peter used last season.

Ultimately the boy appears to be cured, yet one of the Brothers leaves him outside the gates to be taken by whatever lives out there.

Flash forward to Jules discovering a boy's bones in the jungle.

Sarah has a few choice words for Alan. She confesses that she is still pregnant. "I've been pregnant for the last 15 months" she tells him. The fetus stopped aging the second Sarah became immortal.  

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Helix Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

We surrendered ourselves to a simple life. And by the loss of the self, we became truly individuals. We are free to simply... be.

Brother Michael

Please help us figure out a way to stop this.

Brother Michael