Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 5 online to learn not just Brother Michael's big secret, but Kyle's as well. In the future, Caleb tends to Julia's wounds, but their alliance is short lived.

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Watch Helix Season 2 Episode 5 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to uncover the secrets of several characters including Kyle and Brother Micheal. Three months in the past, Kyle takes a meeting with a government official and agrees to gather intel on Alan Farragut. In the present, he's seen carrying a wounded Sarah shouting for assistance. Luckily for Sarah, Sister Agnes stepped in and began to treat her knife wound promising to take care of her. Peter and Kyle argued about leaving St.Germaine island. While Peter had no plans to go anywhere until they achieved some type of containment, Kyle was of the opinion they should leave right away. Peter decides to pay Brother Michael a visit and rats out his brother, Alan, in order to further his cause. Alan is abducted and finds himself in a pit with Brother Michael staring down at him. Alan soon realizes that Peter is in there with him, and this leads to the brother's reopening old wounds. Brother Michael had asked his "sisters" to take care of the honey issue but Anne tells him that "sometimes nature finds a way." Boy was he pissed, he drips poisonous sap in her mouth and assures her he controls nature, not the other way around. He had managed to neutralize the poison in that flower. Thirty years in the future, Caleb finds Julia and tends to her wounds. Her father, Hatake, comes up in the conversation and Jules admits the two of them have issues. Caleb tells Julia he has issues of his own with his father; namely he never met him. When she doses off, Caleb steals Hatake's sword. For what purpose, we'll find out soon enough. From that cave, we jump back to the present and see Sarah waking after her attack. Sister Agnes realizes that Sarah is not only immortal, but pregnant. The old woman confronts Brother Michael about this, who mentions she was always his favorite daughter. He then proceeds to mercilessly snap her neck. Poor dear Agnes, welcome to the wall of weird.

Episode Details

On Helix Season 2 Episode 5, both Peter and his brother get into trouble when Peter reveals a secret while Kyle has to quarantine the orchard and the infected hive.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (8 Votes)
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Helix Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Julia: Something's not right.
Caleb: You're not gonna die on me are you? I didn't think that was possible.
Julia: I'm already dying.
Caleb: I know, you told me; TXM-7. I thought you were...
Julia: Immortal, not indestructible. I don't age, I heal faster than you, but I can't grow a finger; I'm not Wolverine.
Caleb: Who's Wolverine?

Kyle: We should tell these people about the honey before it turns the entire flock into a bunch of raving maniacs.
Peter: If we go wide with this it could create a panic.
Kyle: Are we on the same island? I just got stoned by a bunch of kids. And someone just stabbed Sarah. We're so far past panic, it would take the light from panic a hundred years to reach us.