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On this week's of Hell On Wheels…

Thomas Durant continues to have money troubles. He can't pay his workers.

Elam Ferguson learns of this and refuses to work. Bohannon tries to force him.

To stop the fight, prevent a strike, and distract the workers, Durant sets up a boxing match between Bohannon and Ferguson.

Ferguson wins, but only because his wrapped hands were laced with pepper to blind Bohannon. Sean McGinnes supplied the pepper, so he could win money off betting on Ferguson.

Lily Bell tells Durant that she has the maps, but she refuses to hand them over.

Reverend Cole's daughter shows up to Hell On Wheels.

Cole goes with Joseph Black Moon to speak with his father about negotiating peace.

The money finally arrives to pay the workers.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Mickey McGinnes: What if, God forbid, you were to lose?
Cullen Bohannon: That ain't going to happen.

Get down off that horse and put me in the cut.

Elam Ferguson