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On this week's of Hell On Wheels…

Senator Crane arrives at Hell on Wheels to meet with the Cheyenne.

Reverend Cole approaches Bohannon about keeping the peace with the Cheyenne. Bohannon approaches Ferguson about not fighting with with Cheyenne as well.

He also tells Ferguson that the only reason he won the fight was because his hands were laced with pepper juice.

The Swede is working for the Senator and reveals Durant's money issues in exchange for information of Sergent Harper.

The Cheyenne Chief doesn't agree to leaving his land. Instead his son chooses to race the train in hopes of defeating it. Despite the loss, the Chief explains that a war is coming.

Senator Crane sold all of his shares and now he plans to ruin Durant.

Lily Bell hands over the maps.

Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Get off my cut.

Cullen Bohannon

Extortion doesn't become a lady.

Thomas Durant