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On this episode of Hell on Wheels…
Elam is found alive, but barely, by the Comanche.
He is nursed back to health, but loses vision in one eye.
Elam becomes a part of the tribe, fighting for ownership of the captured white woman, and gaining the name “Bear Killer.”
Jimmy Two Squaws recognizes him and tries to help him, but Elam stabs him.
Elam then attacks a regiment looking for the woman.
He finally scalps one of the other braves, taking the woman and Jimmy’s two wives, before leaving.
The woman tries to escape but is caught.
They arrive upon some railroad tracks.
Hell on Wheels
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Hell on Wheels Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

They said they found a bear killer on the prairie, but looks to me they got themselves a railroad man long way from home.

Jimmy Two Squaws

You ain’t her.