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Marti is kidnapped for Hellcats initiation. Throughout initiation, the squad members tell the stories of how they came to join the squad. Savannah wanted to leave Memphis Christian, Lewis refused to play football for money, and Alice was drinking away her sorrows.

Jake tells Alice she needs to get the DVD footage and she breaks up with him. He goes to Bill Marsh and they have some inmates beat up Travis and threaten him to get new representation.

Alice and Marti clash over what to do with the DVD. After initiation, Marti explains the situation to the squad and asks for their help. As a family, they decide to back Marti and bring the DVD to light.

Marti shares a quick phone call with Dan who is in New Orleans. He will be returning for his brother's wedding.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm really feeling alone right now.


There is no way Bill Marsh is going to let some cheerleader destroy Lancer football.