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Lewis enters a dance contest with Kathy to win a car for his father. Alice manipulates her way into becoming his partner so she can help him out. They win the competition resulting in Lewis’ dad getting the car and Alice getting a kiss.

Savannah’s dad is released from prison on bail with Julian and the church’s help. He decides to run after being released. He makes a phone call to Savannah asking her to take care of the family as he drives away with a map.

Marti is supposed to have a dinner date with Julian who unexpectedly cancels. She stops by and finds out he has a daughter and although is legally separated, he is not divorced yet. He makes it up to her by cooking her dinner and she spends the night with him. 

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Look who just hit the jackpot!


I am a winner because I don't give up. Ever.