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The Hellcats arrive at sections with the squad giving Marti the cold shoulder. Alice convinces the squad to let her fly in Marti’s place so her dad doesn’t find out she hasn’t been flying. The girls have a cheer off with Marti winning.

Alice blackmails Savannah into giving her Savannah’s spot because she has seen the video of her cheering with the Cyclones. Savannah pretends to have hurt her ankle. Marti then gives up her spot so Savannah can fly after they had made up. The squad performs and comes in first, securing a spot at Nationals.

Alice’s dad and fiance visit. He thinks Alice is still flying and dating Lewis. He misses the competition to attend her brother’s football game and Alice lets him know that she is no longer with Lewis.

Wanda visits Travis while Marti is away and Morgan can’t make it. They get along pretty well and even flirt a little.

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Anything worth having is worth taking good care of.


Do you know what a ponytail says about a man? I am a complete tool.

Mr. Verdura