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  • DL and Niki phased through a wall after killing Linderman. Bennet and Mohinder come to peace after Molly recognizes Matt.
  • Hiro and Father Nakamura have it out over whether or not he should go after Ando. He decides to do it.
  • Nathan gets the word that Linderman is dead, but his mother reminds him that this doesn't change the plan. Nathan talks about how the nation will need him. Hard to tell if he's serious or just humoring her.
  • Bennet gets the word that Sylar has Ted's power. He tells Peter he has to stop Sylar.
  • Peter goes to Nathan. Claire is mad, she doesn't trust him. And it's apparent she's right, as Nathan thinks the bomb cannot be stopped and Peter realizes his brother may be evil.
  • The tracking system (Molly) indicates next season's foe: A man that can see here when she thinks about him. Uh-oh. She finds Sylar, too.
  • Peter wakes up and has a vision. He is remembering meeting Simone and Simone's father. Back when he was a hospice nurse. Turns out that Simone's father was in on the plan for the bomb. He saw a different future, though. He believes Peter really can save the world. So... a series of older characters all have super powers, as well, and have been trying to plan the future around the bomb. It's great stuff.
  • Ando shows up at Isaacs loft. And so does Hiro. Quick as can be he teleports them out of there.
  • Niki goes after Michah and finds him passed out. Candice shows up and takes on Jessica's appearance.
  • Matt shows up at the loft looking for Sylar.
  • Molly says that the boogie man is in the building.
  • Claire pleads with Nathan to stop the bomb. she jumps out a window and runs off.
  • Niki talks to Jessica, who informs her what we already know, that the other Jessica is Candice. Niki is able to use some of the super strength and kicks Candices butt. Turns how Niki really is strong.
  • Bennet finds Peter and wakes him up. They agree that Claire is safe with Grandma Petrelli and also agree to have Bennet shoot Peter before he can blow up. Peter heads to his showdown with Sylar.
  • Parkman tries to shoot him, but Sylar catches the bullets and sends them back at him.
  • Hiro blinks in and puts his sword through Sylar. Peter asks hiro to kill him, but before he can, Sylar throws him across the mall. Peter is trying to reel back his nuclear force. Claire grabs the gun. Peter tells her to shoot him... but before she can:
  • Nathan shows up and flies Peter to a safe distance. The sky shows an explosion... and the ground shows that Sylar escaped thru the sewer.
  • End of Chapter One. And then start of Chapter Two? Weird. But Hiro is transported back to 1671, where there's the sword guy about to get into a major battle... before an eclipse takes over the sky and season one ends.
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Heroes Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

You saved the cheerleader, so we could save the world.

Nathan Petrelli

Hiro Nakamura: "It is not the sword, it is the man." This man is ready.
Ando Masahashi: Hiro. You look bad ass.
Hiro Nakamura: Really?