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As we begin season two, Mohinder is giving a speech in Cairo about the Heroes around the world. He's asking for donation to fight "those that would keep the world from the truth." After he's finished, a man approaches Mohinder and offers to buy him a drink.

While the good doctor talks, we see flashes of last season, along with a few insights into the situations of various characters this season:

It appears as though Sylar is still alive because we see a clip of him, mouth bloodied; Molly Walker is under the care of Matt Parkman and Mohinder in Brooklyn; Claire and the Bennets have relocated to Costa Verda, CA and are known as the Butlers; and Hiro, of course, is still in Japan in 1671.

From the speech, we're taken to Honduras where new characters Maya and Alejandro are running from the police. They need to keep going, the brother tells his sister, because he promised his mother they'd make it to America. A "Wanted" sign in the background makes it appears as though this tandem is wanted for murder.

As they try to make their way to America, the driver of the truck that is carrying them shoves Alejandro out and forces Maya to sit up front. We can all guess what that means. Later, though, the brother catches up with his sister - and everyone in the truck has been killed. In the same way, with blood seemingly seeping out of their eyes. Maya is crying. She says she didn't mean to do it.

Meanwhile, at Claire's new California high school, our favorite cheerleader is trying to go under the radar, as her father (an assistant manager at a copying store) warns her to. But a boy in her class named West is making it difficult. He takes an interest in Claire, who quickly is making herself known, challenging the head cheerleader and sticking up for a girl being made fun of. Later in the episode, we see West hovering outside Claire's bedroom window. Oh, yes, he can fly.

Let's focus on Parkman now: he finally passes his detective's exam and we discover that he's also divorced that cheating wife. How do we find this out? From Molly's teacher, who tells Matt she fears for Molly due to the scary drawing she's been making in class. All of them, it should be noted, have the Kenei symbol somewhere within them. At home, Parkman wants to speak with Molly about them, but she screams at him that she isn't exactly in the mood.

That night, though, Matt reads her mind while she dreams... and hears the voice of a man saying he can see her.

In New York City, Ando and Hiro's father are waiting for their friend/son to return. However, Mr. Nakamura finds a troubling note in his newspaper: it's a photo of himself, with the Kensei symbol over his face. The elder Hero tells Ando that this means he'll be dead in 24 hours. Turns out Mrs. Petrelli received the same ominous picture and symbol of herself.

And just where did she find it? Outside of Nathan's apartment after her son threw her out. Looks like Nathan has grown a beard... and a drinking habit. He hopes Peter is alive, but blames himself for his brother's likely death. He's also driven away his wife and children.

Back in Japen, Hiro is finding out some troubling news about his supposed her, Takezo Kensei. He's actually British. And far from a warrior. Instead, Kensei pays off other samurais to fight in his place and keeps the money various towns and people give him to defend them from enemies. We actually meet one of these towns, after it's been burned to the ground becase Kensei isn't exactly a defender of freedom. He just wants money. The daughter of the swordsmith is quite angry over Takezo letting down her people.

Therefore, it appears as though Hiro is gonna take it upon himself to rescue the swordsmith and restore the good name of Kensei. We'll have to tune in next week in order to find out.

Let's go back to NYC briefly: Hiro's dad is on the roof of the famous Heroes building (where Charles Deveaux lived). Mrs. Petrelli meets him there and he warns her to disappear if she wants to live. After all, others from The Company are dead: Linderman, Mr. Petrelli, Charles D. Later on, just as Ando is bringing his boss his sword, a hooded man shows up. Mr. Nakamura recognizes him, but in an instant, the man shoves the father off the roof. He plunges to his death. But this mystery man is nowhere to be found.

To close the episode: Mohinder calls Mr. Bennet to say their plan worked. The man who had attended Mohinder's speech was from The Company and offered Suresh a job. This, evidently, was the plan all along, as Bennet and Mohinder wish to bring The Company down from within. We also learned - during the drink this man and Mohinder shared - that he can turn any object into gold.

Lastly, we're in Cork, Ireland. An Irish mob breaks into some sort of storage shed. They were hoping to steal something... but find a mysterious man without a shirt instead, handcuffed. He has the symbol on a necklace around his neck. They ask his name. He says he doesn't know. But we do: it's Peter Petrelli.

To be continued...

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