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Peter's hands are glowing, but luckily, he gets control of them, and Claire doesn't have to shoot him. Hiro's sword is still broken, but, luckily, Ando discovers an ancient samurai sword repairman in the phone book. Bennet convinces Peter and Ted that they have to get out of town and Claire agrees to go with them. Sylar's lurking around the corner and it becomes clear that he's stalking them.

Nathan's worried because he's down in the polls. Linderman assures him that his victory is inevitable. As long as he lets Peter get blown up. And then Linderman tells him what we've all long suspected: Papa Petrelli was a Hero. Nathan's wife wheels up and Linderman takes her hand and presto! She's healed.

Peter overhears Sylar's thoughts and realizes he's following them so Ted and Claire and he get off the streets ASAP. Hiro meets up with Nathan en route to the Ancient Samurai Sword Repairman and Hiro tells Nathan about the future and how he becomes a bad guy but he can become a good guy if he helps them stop the bomb. Nathan informs Hiro that he can't stop the bomb; no one can. Hiro calls him a birrann. At the Ancient Samurai Sword Repairman's shop, Hiro and Ando are greeted by the owner and George Takei, who tells them that they've reached the end of their journey. Apparently, Hiro's father has just been waiting for Hiro to grow into his power and be worthy of his legacy. Now he's going to train his son how to kill.

While hanging out with Micah, Candice reveals that Linderman's going to heal the world. Micah's not buying what she's selling. Linderman shows up and tells Micah that he's going to save the world by talking to machines. Candice takes Micah to a voting booth so he can tell all the computers to vote for Nathan Petrelli. Jessica and D.L. go to visit Nathan, and they want Micah back. They also want to kill Linderman. As they're talking, it's announced that Nathan has won by a landslide victory. He agrees to tell them where Linderman is.

Bennet and Parkman go to destroy the Walker System and meet up with D.L. and Jessica at OWI headquarters. They join forces and share an elevator ride upstairs. Molly's inside the lab with Mohinder, but before Bennet and Parkman can get to her, Thompson shows up and puts a gun to Parkman's head. So Bennet blows Thompson's brains out. KICK. ASS. Bennet and Parkman make it inside to Molly; Bennet knew it was a person and doesn't seem to have too much of a problem killing her, but Parkman is horrified.
Audrey and her FBI goons show up and put Ted under arrest while Peter and Claire escape via invisibility. Turns out, Sylar's the one that provided the FBI with the tip on Ted's whereabouts. While they're transporting Ted to prison, Sylar appears and attacks the van and, of course, takes Ted's poor radioactive brain. Peter and Claire come across the fallen van and realize that Sylar's got Ted's power. Jessica and D.L. finally get to Linderman and they're pissed. Linderman tries to bribe Jessica to kill D.L., but Niki returns and tells him to go and screw. So he shoots D.L. And he's about to shoot Niki, but D.L. recovers enough to shove his hand into Linderman's skull and squeeze his brain until he dies.
Nathan makes his landslide victory speech with Heidi still in her wheelchair. While he makes his speech, we see a montage of Claire and Peter running off, Hiro running after Ando (who's run off to kill Sylar on his own), Audrey staring at Ted's head, and Mohinder and Bennet pointing guns around the room while poor little Molly cries.

The final shot of the episode is Sylar up on a rooftop, playing with his hands of fire. "Boom" is all he says.

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Heroes Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Thompson: [Pointing a gun to Parkman's head] What am I thinking now, Parkman?
Mr. Bennet: [Pointing a gun at Thompson's head] Your last thought!

Didn't I throw you out a window?

Jessica Sanders