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The title of this episode was apt: we're fighting the urge to lay into the show for its dragging, unrelated story lines... but we'll stick with it for awhile in the hopes the excitement soon takes flight.

On to the recap:

Hiro and Ando: Ando takes the ancient scrolls Hiro has sent him via the Kensei sword to a lab that can clean them off. There, Ando learns what Hiro has been up to - and it's rather boring for a guy who was so focused on saving the world a season ago.

Basically, he's still fighting with Kensei and the princess. They are about to embark on their final battle, with White Beard and his army. And... that's it for now. The brave, funny hero who was Hell bent on fulfilling his destiny and harnessing his powers last year has gone from driving a sword through the chest of Sylar to playing a third wheel in a three-hundred year old love story. Yawn.

Mohinder and Niki: Yes, these two cross paths. Taking the form of Jessica, we assume, Niki bursts into The Company's lab - where Mohinder had taken Molly to recover from last episode's nightmare attack - and takes Bob by the throat. But Mohinder subdues her and tries to help her escape once they're alone. Except Niki isn't having it. She's come here to receive help.

Mohinder doesn't have time to ask any more questions because he's off on a mission to bring in someone else with abilities... which w'll get to shortly.

Monica and Micah: Micah figures out that Monica has powers because she watches him play the piano and picks it up instantly. So the rest of this angle is spent with Monica learning new talents, such as jumping rope and karate. Yup, that's it. The only new development, which takes about seven seconds, is each cousin learning about the other's powers.

We have some hope, however, that characters will soon come together because guess who the woman Mohinder was sent to bring in is? Yep, Monica. He shows up at her door in New Orleans and says he knows she must have questions.

Parkman and Nathan: These newfound close pals (seriously, didn't they seem exceptionally close all of a sudden? Nathan even referred to Parkman as "Matt" most of the time.) head to Philadelphia to interrogate Parkman's dad. At first, it seems to be going well, as he tells Matt that he can also read minds and offers to show his son more in a different room in his apartment.

Once Matt enters it, well, weird stuff happens. He's instantly inside a cell, with a prison guard giving him a hard time. Parkman's ex-wife even shows up and gives him a guilt trip about leaving the baby she now seems to claim is actually his. During this time, Nathan has busted into the room. And here's what happens to him:

Nathan is back on the roof of the Deveaux building, only this time NYC has burned down due to the explosion that he helped prevent to close season one. And Nathan is also fighting with someone: himself. Or, to be specific, the burned, scarred version of himself that we've seen in a mirror a couple times this season. These two wrestle it out, exchanging blows... only for Parkman to use his own mental power to bring both himself and Nathan back to reality.

Matt's dad really is the "nightmare man," apparently.

And they find themselves in the torn apart apartment of the elder Parkman, who we earlier saw leave with a smirk on his face. Matt is mad at himself for trusting his dad, but at least they have a clue to where he's going: there's a picture of Bob on the floor, with the Kensei symbol over his face. He's next.

Peter and Elle: Yes, Elle. We'll explain who she is: a mysterious, young blonde woman shows up at the docks and asks where the guy who was in the storage container is now located. She learns it's the bar owned by Caitlin's brother. As she walks over there, Elle touches the walls and we see her power: she's electric. Boogie, woogie, woogie.

Anyway. Peter and the Irish owner of the bar are warned of this woman asking question and the owner acts like a stand-up guy: he tells Peter to go hang out in Caitlin's apartment so he can take care of it. And he tries to, telling Elle he's never heard of Peter Petrelli. But Elle can sense he's lying. So she uses her electric powers and burns him to ashes. Oh well.

During this time, Peter opens his box in Caitlin's apartment. He learns his name, finds a photo of himself and Nathan (who he doesn't recognize) and a one-way ticket from NY to Montreal. Not much help. For some reason, though, Peter is then attracted to a blank canvas and paint in Caitlin's apartment. He goes all Isaac on us and paints what we assume is the future: himself and Caitlin, standing on the street of what appears to be Montreal.

Even the painting is boring!

We close the episode with Elle apologizing on the phone for killing the Irish bar owner. Although she doesn't really seem sorry at all. She refers to the guy on the phone as "daddy" and says she's coming back from her mission now. Peter and Caitlin then find her murdered brother and Peter says it's his fault, they were looking for him. But there's no hiding anymore for our hero.

Editor's note: Didn't these heroes all learn and embrace their powers by the end of last season? Take a look at each one now and ask yourself: could they regress any farther??? Please, everyone, remember that you're special for a reason and find some common cause to fight against.

Do you agree? Let us know right now on our Heroes forum.

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