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Things are coming together on Heroes. In this episode, which revealed a great deal about Matt and Molly, we were introduced to a new Hero named Monica. Let's go through "The Kindness of Strangers," story line by story line:

Micah and Monica: Monica's mother - and dream of going to college - was killed by Hurricane Katrina. As a result, she's taking care of her grandmother and annoying little brother. And now, of course, Micah. Our little hero tries to get on his male cousin's good side by using his powers to help him watch a WWE wrestling pay-per-view event.

Monica sees the grapplers on TV and later thwarts an attempted burglary at the fast food restaurant at which she works by using a move she had seen on television. Looks like this new Hero can instantly learn any talent she observes. Could come in handy.

Sylar, Alejandro and Maya: Guess we should include Derek in this summary, the guy with the car (Claire's stolen car?) with whom Alejandro and Maya escaped prison. As this tro is making its way into America, they come across a fallen man in the middle of the road. It's Sylar. He says he was robbed - and then, upon being told Maya and her brother were headed to NYC to meet Dr. Suresh, says he knows the doctor and will aid in this mission.

Later on, though, Derek sees the newspaper headline stating that his two companions are wanted for murder. He tells Sylar (or Gabriel, as he's now calling himself again) this information and Sylar pretends to be on Derek's side. He tells him to go call the police while he distracts the brother and sister. Of course, Sylar follows Derek toward the phone and murders him with brick to the back of the head.

The villainous hero then confronts Maya and Alejandro, asking if they committed the murders. Maya says yes. She then starts to lose control and shows her power, which excites Sylar. He say she understands. He'll take them to Suresh because he's been where they are now, being blamed for powers and actions beyond their control. It appears as though Sylar may still be without his abilities, but he's still very much aware of who he is and is on a mission to become the powerful Sylar of old.

Claire, West and Mr. Bennet: West convinces Claire to meet him for a date. They end up sitting on the famous Hollywood sign, where the new couple bonds and kisses in the air. Claire finds herself learning to trust West. However, Mr. Bennet has made it clear he doesn't want his daughter dating.

Therefore, after coming home late from the date and arising suspicion in her dad, Claire comes up with a lie. She tells him that she joined the cheerleading team and really wants to have that one normal thing in her life. Mr. Bennet agrees, but makes her promise not to date anyone in return. Claire now agrees. It seems, though, that Mr. Bennet doesn't believe his daughter... and this is pretty much confirmed when he goes outside and meets the Haitian. He tells his boss that he has a lead on the paintings: they must head to Odessa, Texas.

Nathan and Mrs. Petrelli: Mrs. Petrelli admits to killing Kaito Nakamura. We know this is a lie, however, because she tells Parkman as much, via her thoughts. But she also tells the cop to leave it alone, the police cannot follow this case or else all Heroes will be revealed and hunted down. But Matt won't just drop it.

He enlists Nathan for help. At this, the eldest Petrelli son shaves... and then finds an old photo of his mother, Kaito, Charles Deveaux, Linderman and what appears to be the older generation of Heroes. Two faces now stand out: Bob from The Company and Parkman's father. This brings us to...

Mohinder, Parkman and Molly: Parkman is now desperate to find his father, who left home when Matt was 13. Against the advisement of Mohinder, he asks Molly to track down Mr. Parkman. But upon seeing the photo, Molly freaks out: it's the Boogeyman! Nevertheless, the loyal girl says she'll do it for Matt, who now really, really needs to find the whereabouts of his father.

So Molly tries her power, with Mohinder and Parkman looking on. She can see Matt's dad in Philadelphia... in a building on the third floor... apartment number-nine... just as Matt tells her to come out of it, though, Molly says the Boogeyman can see her. He knows she's there. She seizes up. With Molly still breathing but unresponsive, Parkman reads her mind: help me, Matt. Help me, Matt!

To be continued...

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Heroes Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Mohinder: So what are we
supposed to do? (about Molly's nightmares)
Matt: I don't know. You're the scientist.
Mohinder: That doesn't exactly make me an expert on nightmares.
Matt: That makes two of us.

Nathan: You asked me for help once. Now just let me help you.
Angela: Just because you shaved doesn't mean you're clean and sober