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We've been re-introduced to an evil Sylar, and seen who shot Nathan to end season two. Let's move on hour two of the third season premiere. Catch up on The Second Coming now if you missed the opening 60 minutes...

We're gonna review this episode character-by-character. It's the easiest way to sort throught the awesome mess:

Mohinder/Maya: Mohinder is feeling great after his acquisition of super powes. He has heightened senses of every kind... including sexual aggression! Dude totally jumps Maya, who doesn't seem to mind. But when Mohinder wakes up the next day, his skin is peeling off. That's what happens when youu experiemtn with untested syrum, kids.

Tracey Strauss: As the advisors for Governor Malden, Tracey advises him to choose Nathan as the junior Senator from New York (to replace the one who died). He agrees and Tracey is sent to deliver the offer. When Nathan sees Tracey, though, he recognizes her at Nikki, who he knows in a biblical sense. Tracey has no idea what Nathan is talking about - but she's later confronted by a reporter who shows Tracey a video from the security cameras of her doing Nathan (as Nikki). In response, Tracey is confused and angry. She grabs the reporter... and he shatters to pieces.

Nathan: He accepts the offer to be a Senator. He also realizes that only he can see and hear Linderman.

Hiro/Ando: These two learn the identity of the speedster is Daphne. They go to her apartment in Paris and see all the stuff she's stolen. When cofronted by her, Daphne says she stole one half of the formula for her boss and is going after the second half. Interestng. Hiro ends up placing a tracking device on an item in Daphne's possession; now he and Ando can find that formula half before she does. Throughout their interaction, though, Hiro acts suspicious of Ando because the guy does supposedly kill Hiro some time in the future.

Elle: Elle's fathe is killed by Sylar. She figures the main bad guy is raiding Level 5, so she heads over there. Along the way, she frees HRG from his cell and asks for his help. The two of them confront Sylar and Elle actually manages to electricute him into submission. But her power short circuits the unit and a dozen villains escape from Level 5. Angela later relieves Elle of her duties with The Company.

HRG: We said above, he's freed from his cell and returns home. He tells Claire about the escaped villains and says he must go out sans protect the world from them. He also called Claire's birth mom to hang around and protec the family with her firey hands.

Claire: She feels guilty that Sylar stole her power and wants to help. But both Peter and HRG turn her down. Claire is simply left at home for now, aware that her power is evolving and concerned that she can no longer feel pain.

Parkman: Meets a spirit guide in Africa. The mysterious guy knows Parkman's name and says he can paint the future. He painted the symbol on the rock we referred to in the episode guide for The Second Coming.

Peter: Future Peter is going around feeling guilty about the turning of events. He thought he was doing what was best for the future Heroes that are being tortured when he shot Nathan... but he's set off a whole new future now. As a result, he tells Nathan that he's actually a future version of himself, and he also tranfers the Present Day Peter into the body of one of the villains, Jesse Murphy. This turns out to be a major mistake when Murphy escapes with the rest of the bad guys and we see Present Day Peter stuck with this evil posse - in the form of Jesse Murphy - at the end of the episode. Very confusing, we know.

Sylar: His goal of helping the 12 villains escape is basically realized, but he's captured in the process. As he lies on a table inside Level 5, he's approached by Angela Petrelli to close this hour. The following spin-tingling exchange takes place:

Sylar: My name is Sylar. And you are not my mother.
Angela: But I am, dear. I am.

Fade to black...


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