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On this terrible episode of Heroes...

- Tracy randomly showed up, rescued Claire and HRG from the sunken trailer and then disappeared again.

- Father and daughter were then taken by Lauren (who had just been hanging around the hospital and was no longer injured, apparently) to NYC where Samuel was holding his carnival. Sylar and Peter also showed up there because they easily escaped the duplicating guy at Parkman's house.

- Sylar helped Emma escape from playing the cello, which Doyle had been forcing her to do.

- Hiro, meanwhile, met up again with Charlie in the hospital. She was really old because Samuel sent her back in time. She had a family, so Hiro said goodbye and also left for NYC, since HRG had somehow called Ando and summoned them there.

- At the carnival, Hiro teleported everyone away from Samuel, which caused him to grow weak. He had no ability left, and he also had no family: they were all willing to go with Hiro because Parkman controlle the duplicating dude's head and he told everyone the truth: that Samuel killed Lydia.

- Volume five ended with Samuel in custody and then volumne six began with Claire, once again, defying her father. She climbed to the top of the ferris wheel, in front of reporters, and was fine. They all gasped. Guess it's a brave new world no, huh!

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